Scientific research

General research field:

Inteligent systems and inteligent computing with special reference to information imprecision and incompletness

Research areas:

  • Modeling and processing of imprecise and incomplete information
  • Decision support systems under imprecise information
  • Computer Vision and robotics
  • Data processing and algorithms of data exploration
  • Multicriteria decision making
  • Computer modeling and anaysis in linguistics and phonetics
  • Modeling of trust and trust propagation in social networks
  • Intelligent counting under information imprecision

Research grants:

  • NCBiR, Eureka initiative, Next generation multimedia efficient, scalable and robust delivery, C2013/1-5/MITSU/3/2014, project site.
  • Grant from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education N N104 327434: Grammar Phonetic in terms of axiomatic theory of language. Computer analysis of the Polish language, Chinese and Hindi, located at the Institute of Linguistics.
  • Grant from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education N N519 384936: Application of the Atanassov’s fuzzy sets for knowledge representation and reasoning in decision support, located in the Systems Research Institute Polish Academy of Sciences.